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11 Things You Did Not Know About Me! (Tag)

Hello beautiful!

I'm so excited to write this! This is my first tag post! :D I was tagged by the beautiful Sana from Sana's Ramblings. You can read about her tag post here.
So basically one has to answer all the questions from the person who've tagged you. Once you're done, you tag others and give them your questions!

Now this is a great chance for me to tell you all a little about myself and my interests. I haven't done any "Know Me" kinda posts yet so this is the perfect tag for me to get started. I hope you enjoy reading it, I'm so excited to answer the questions!

11 Things You Did Not Know About Me! 

Q 1. What's your current obsession?

Ans. My current obsession? Well, Makeup!! I've been sooo obsessed with makeup in general. In particular I'm currently obsessed with Masarrat Misbah Makeup Stay On Blusher in Shell Bronze. It's such a beautiful shade and so long lasting on my combination skin. Shell Bronze is currently my obsession, my Holy Grail blusher!

Q 2. What do you think is the best quality in a person?

Ans. HONESTY+KINDNESS. I cannot stress enough on how important it is to be honest! It might be a strong statement but I absolutely cannot stand lies! Being honest doesn't mean to be blunt and not care about other's feelings, that is where kindness comes in. I believe Honesty + Kindness are one of the best quality anyone can & should have.

Q 3. Are you adventurous when it comes to makeup/fashion?

Ans. When it comes to makeup, yes. Although not overly adventurous. Regarding fashion, I'd say not much because I tend to dress according to my body shape, what I think looks good on me and what I am comfortable in. So, although something is very much in trend but if I think it won't look good on me, or wont suit my body type or I don't feel comfortable in it, I will not follow that trend.

Q 4. Your top 5 beauty products?

Ans. I'll start with skincare because well I believe it's very important to take care of our skin first before putting layers of makeup.
  1. Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask: This is such an amazing product! It's basically an exfoliater. You leave it on your face for 3 minutes and then scrub gently. I scrub until the sugar dissolves on my face, yes it dissolves on your face! There aren't fake harsh beads in it. It thoroughly cleanses the face getting rid of all the impurities and dead cells. I felt the difference in just the first wash. Also you must exfoliate at least once a week.
  2. L'oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Ultra Hydrating Gel-Cream: Long name, eh? This is the only moisturizer I'm happy with for my combination skin. There's one for dry skin too. It works wonders for my skin. Leaves it so hydrated without being greasy at all! I love to wear it under my foundation. Also, I use it religiously in Fall and Winters as it gets rid of any dry patches and leaves the skin soft, supple and hydrated! I specially use it after exfoliating.
  3. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder: I do not ever leave my house without this dusted all over my face!! It's a pressed powder that helps control shine and keeps you matte! This keeps my combination skin under control and controls the shine. Perfect to set under eye concealers and your whole face in general. I'll definitely keep buying this!
  4. Masarrat Misbah Stay On Blusher in Shell Bronze: As mentioned above, it's my current obsession and a Holy Grail blusher! It's perfect for every day wear and can be paired up with any makeup look, whether dramatic or subtle! It gives my cheeks a very healthy looking peachy wash of color with a slight sheen and glow -perfect!
  5. Too Faced Chocolate Bar: This is like the top most nude palette for me in all of the nude palettes! If you want to own just one Nude Palette, I'd say get this!!! It has just the right amount of mattes and shimmer to create it either a soft natural eye look or a dramatic one! So pigmented and blends flawlessly.
Q 5. What do you like most about blogging?

Ans. I've always had the passion for writing whether it's short stories or poetry or even a novel (which I am currently working on *wink* ) and I love connecting with people and blogging lets me to do just that. I can write on my favorite topics and products like my readers are sitting with me and we're just having a chat and I'm sharing what I know with them, what's been working for me, if I tried something new or all the tips and tricks I come across. I love reading articles, testing products, trying them on myself, keeping myself updated with all the fashion and beauty trends and I love to share it with everyone,

Q 6. Where are you originally from?

Ans. I'm from the city Karachi and my beautiful country Pakistan.

Q 7. If you would be the C.E.O of any brand for one day, what would it be?

Ans. Too Faced for sure! I love Too Faced.

Q 8. When did you start wearing makeup?

Ans. I really started wearing makeup at the age of 22, that was last year and my obsession with it started. I think it was probably this time last year. My mum often tells me I loved makeup as a kid, I loved to play with her cosmetics but I actually started wearing it last year.

Q 9. If you were stranded on an abandoned island and you had only one choice to choose one person next to you, who would it be? Why?

Ans. Well that's an interesting question! I'd choose my BESTFRIEND. my BFF, my sista from another mother Javeria! Why? Well because she's my Javeria! We can talk for hours without stopping for a minute, she and I are like open books for each other. I love her so much!

Q 10. What career path are you looking at?

Ans. I'm kind of in a dilemma at the moment. I want to work in the makeup industry or for a makeup brand or maybe for all of them AND I want to be a psychologist, I want to help people that way. Well who says I can't be both, right? But I have to start somewhere.

Q 11. What inspires you for keep on going for blogging?

Ans. For the love of writing and sharing it with the world. The love for makeup, fashion, books, beauty, food, arts and craft.  To share what I know, my experiences, my knowledge and what I learn with the people and to help them in some way or the other. To spread love, positivity and kindness <3

I really enjoyed doing this tag! Comment down below if you did! (:
The questions were so good and I enjoyed answering each one of them. I hope you enjoyed reading it too and now know a little about me (:

Time to pass on the tag! I nominate:

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My questions:

1. Who/what is your biggest inspiration in life?
2. What inspired you to start blogging?
3. Your top 5 beauty picks?
4. If you could travel the whole world, which 3 destinations will you pick first and why?
5. What is your current obsession?
6. If you are given an opportunity to make your own makeup product with your favorite brand what would it be and why? What brand will you choose?
7. What do you like most about blogging?
8. Who are your top 3 bloggers and YouTubers and why?
9. Do you have a signature makeup look or fashion style? What is it?
10. What is your biggest achievement in life?
11. What will be your advice & guiding points for the young bloggers?

Let me know when you've done he tag, I'd love to read your answers <3

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!


  1. Thank you for the tag, Gul!
    Loved reading your responses ^_^ This is the first time I know of somebody obsessed with Too Faced :-D
    if so, you must be craving their latest blushes ;-)

    1. My pleasure Bia (:
      Yessss, I have my eyes set on those blushes! Sooo pretty! <3_<3

  2. hey Gul ! I loved reading the post ! its like having an in sight on the a small part of your life ! beautifully jotted down . Thanks for the tag Honey will do it really soon xx

    1. Thank you so much, Sherry! I figured it was the perfect first tag to do (:
      Can't wait to read your answers <3

  3. That's great that you are working on a novel and I have to try that Freeman Mask. Loved reading your answers:)

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. Thank you sooo much! (: That mask really is amazing, you'd love it for sure!

  4. Thank for the tag :) I love reading your answers..
    Will let you know once I do the tag!

    Beauty Appetite

    1. My pleasure hon <3
      Thank you so much (:
      Can't wait to read your answers! xo


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