Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Winter Perfection with HOBO by HUB!

Hello Beautiful!

I am actually amazed! HOBO by HUB is so spot on with their game. They introduced their Winter Collection as soon as we welcomed the cool Winter breeze in our country and let me tell you this, the Winter Collection is oh so amazing!!!
You must remember HOBO by HUB from my last blog post about them on their Fall Campaign (which you can read here) and they surpassed my expectations for the Winter Campaign.

HOBO is the creative and colorful sub-brand of HUB, which is the leading luxury and leather brand of Pakistan. Their designs are edgy, trendy and chic.

The Winter 2015 Collection not just covers the Winter essentials but offers more to create your own unique style and amp your winter fashion game. From comfy scarves to the edgy boots, HOBO by HUB has got you covered.

A pair of ankle boots are a must have this winter and HOBO has the perfect pairs to choose from. Rich colors, luxuries leather and right on trend. The colorful pure leather moccasins are a sight and pairs up beautifully with any outfit. With wide legged pants or high waisted skirts, that are the high trends this season, moccasins and ankle boots not just ties the whole look together but provide that extra oomph. For a more elegant and graceful look they have the beautiful kitten heels and stilettos with pretty embellishments. 

Kitten Heels

The elegant pointed and peep toes.

Love for Ankle Boots!

A Moccasin for every outfit.

Get fancy in these pretty peep toe Stilettos

The bright and comfy pumps.

For accessories the options are endless. Leather Hand Bags, Cross-Body Bags, Wallets with beautiful patterns and edgy finishing in rich colors to compliment any outfit. Whether you're out and about with friends or its a night out, at work or it's a party; you've got a bag to carry to make a statement at every occasion! Also, remember the fringes - the big trend for Fall and Winter from my Trend Report? HOBO has made sure their collection is right on trend!

Notice the fringe?

Clutch Bag

Clutch Bag and Kitten heels for Formal Wear

Hand Bag

The color range in the Winter'15 Collection is impressive. From earthen tones (that are so perfect for this season) to the staple Greys; from The Pantone Color Chart for Winter 2015 to the Vibrant and the Bolds for those who like to keep it bright every season! 

Perfect colors for Winter.

Perfect to carry for work!

Bright and Vibrant!

Beautiful earthen tones perfect for Winter.

Those Kitten Heels and Bags are LOVE!

HOBO by HUB has never ceased to amaze us with the high quality products that are both fun and edgy. They have a print or a color for every mood and event. The Winter Collection also includes both delicate and statement jewelry, cool sun glasses, jewelry boxes and scarves to help you make a statement every day of this cold and chilly season.
So make sure you visit the nearest outlet to update your wardrobe and stock on the essentials for this Winter and don't forget to share your favorites with me!

Keep a look out for the whole Winter'15 Collection on all my social medias! Let's make the best of Winter Fashion together! (:

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!


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  1. Such an amazing review.
    Loved it. Looking forward to shop at HOBO.

    1. Thank you so much love <3 They've got some amazing stuff for sure!

  2. Wow, their collection looks beautiful. I am in need of some flat pumps and I would sure check out these ones. Thanks for sharing:)

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. They've got an amazing of collection of flat pumps, do check it out (:

  3. Love the overall detailed yet short review! Yaay ankle boots :D

    1. Thank you so much love <3 Aah yes! The ankle boots <3

  4. Love the detailed yet short review! Yaay ankle boots :D


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