Monday, 2 November 2015

The Palette Haul!

Hello beautiful,

I'm gonna start with a huge Thank You for all the love and response on my last post, where I reviewed the newly launched JY - The Style Studio. Thank you so much for all the love. You guys keep me motivated! xo

So moving on, I have a haul to share! These products have been on my Wish-List for so long, SO LONG!! Since I rarely splurge on high-end stuff, these always took a back seat, although I wanted them so bad!! Well, I finally got them and boy oh boy, I am so glad I did!!

What I Hauled:

a) Too Faced - Chocolate Bar Palette.
b) LORAC - Pro Palette 2

I had been torn between LORAC Pro and Pro 2 but decided on Pro 2 as I was getting the Chocolate Bar with it and both the LORAC Pro and Chocolate Bar has the same theme.
Anyway, I'm so so glad I got these, it always feel so good getting stuff and crossing them off from the Wish-List (don't you agree?) and Chocolate Bar has been on the very top of my Wish-List!
What did you guys haul recently? Don't forget to share your hauls in the comments down below!

I got these from Zensky on Facbook! It's dealt by such a sweet and polite girl. I absolutely love ordering from there! She has the most reasonable prices!! I have a PROMO Code with them, with which you can avail free shipping on orders above Rs. 7500, i.e. GULZEN75 
Let me know if you want a complete review on any or both of these! I'd love to oblige! <3

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!

Disclaimer : I am not affiliated with the website links and/or PROMO Codes provided in this post and do not earn or get anything in return in any form, if you click on or use the links and/or codes.


  1. I love the choc bar. All time fave!

  2. Really great haul. Enjoy your goodies to the fullest:)

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. Thank you so much <3 I'm loving the palettes! ^_^

  3. I have both of them and oh boy these are heaven <3 great picks love <3 Already added you in my reader's list and google plus circle !!


    Dani's Beauty & Fashion Blog

    1. I'm in love with them! *_*
      Thank you so much Dania.


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