Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Jewelry Haul & Review | Sheer Class|

Hello Beautiful!

I remember the time I wasn't into accessories at all except for those little butterfly catchers/clips, I'm sure all the 90s peeps here remember, I finally started out with a watch and ear-studs and now that I am into accessories I'm really in!! From bold statement pieces to delicate and dainty jewelry, but I am picky about what I wear. You wont find me all oohs and aahs over everything, I only talk about with passion what I really really like and believe in. Like I have nothing to say about Fawwad Khan or Hamza Ali Abbasi, I don't find myself going gaga over them -now please don't kill me over that, I have nothing against them haha! :D

Coming back to the topic, I am here to review an accessory brand called Sheer Class which has made it's good name within a very short amount of time and after trying their accessories from their Classy Pouch- April (read review here) I had to place an order from their drool-worthy collection! Let's see what I have to say about each of the pieces I got in my haul. This is a haul and review, combined in one post.

What I Hauled and My Thoughts:

1) 18K Gold Plated Faux Pearl & Cubic Zirconia Exquisite Pendant Set.

This set is a class on it own! I love how beautiful and unique the pendant and ear-studs are, how the pearl is set in midst of the gorgeous band! I absolutely love love pearls and this one is so unique. One can either wear the whole set to a party or a wedding or like me can wear either of the pendant or studs to accessorize without going overboard, I specially like to wear the pendant for lunch-outs and ear-studs for dinner. I'm also very very impressed with the high quality of this.

Price: Rs. 1499.

2) 18 K gold Plated Tear Drop Cubic Zirconia Jumbo Solitaire Pendant Set.

I am in love with this set!!!! Oh my! High quality and so so beautiful! I actually wore the studs for two days straight! Yes I love these so much, I also wore the pendant for the whole day and it looks so pretty without looking 'too much'. It's pretty, delicate and perfect for daily wear. I wore this on a lunch and got a lot of compliments.
Despite of the long wear, I didn't experience any oxidizing although jewelry oxidizes on me very fast. I also have a little trick up my sleeve to avoid that which I'll let you all know at the end of this post. If there is one thing you want to get from Sheer Class, it's this, it's a MUST HAVE for good reasons!

Price: Rs. 999.

3) 18 K gold Plated Ring with center Faux Pearl studded with Cubic Zirconia Double Band.

I ordered this for my Mom as she loves wearing rings and she loved this one so much that she kept it in her rings-for-big-events stash! She has all her favorite and classy rings in that set. That says a lot about how much she liked it. 
It has a beautiful big pearl in center of two Zirconia studded bands and a beautifully carved ring band. I'm going to post a picture on my social media as soon as my mom wears it for an upcoming event. 
I'm very happy with the high quality of this beautiful ring.

Price: Rs. 599

4) 18K Gold Plated Bracelet with Cubic Zirconia.

I hardly wear anything around my wrists other than my wrist watch but this bracelet changed that, Not that it has replaced my watch but I now like to wear it along with the watch and as it's so delicate it pairs up beautifully with other wrist accessories. I love how delicate and high quality this is.

Price: Rs. 499

Over all I'm very very happy with my purchase. right from the quality to the pricing. Sheer Class is so on point with their jewelry collections and variety of both statement and delicate pieces. If you love to wear jewelry then you must give them a go, I'm sure you'd love it. Also I'm very happy with the customer service provided as Saadiah - the Owner, takes care of your order herself and make sure you have a smooth experience.  

You can view Sheer Class collection and order from their Facebook Page and use the code GULZ15 for 15% discount on the whole collection.

Safety Tip: Paint/coat your jewelry with a clear Nail Top Coat, let it dry completely before using. It provides a barrier between your skin and the alloy/paint to avoid any blackening or oxidizing. As the Top Coat is clear it doesn't alter the color and shine of the jewelry.

In case you're wondering, I haven't coated any of these so that you can see pictures of them after I have used them.

Have you bought anything from Sheer Class? How was your experience? Don't forget to share your favorites from Sheer Class with me.

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!

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Monday, 11 April 2016

March Favorites !

Hello Beautiful!

How have you been? Me? Oh, I've just been so mentally and physically exhausted due to MBA and other activities but Blogging is my happy space and I always feel better here. I hope my posts do the same for you (:

So it is time to share my most used and loved products in the month of March. It is going to be a mix of beauty and non beauty related products and as you will see I kept quite low on the Makeup in March but don't you worry my makeup game is back in swing in April :D I like to switch things up you know ;) Okay without any more babbling, here are my favorites from March:

1. J. - Junaid Jamshed Deodorant Body Spray - COLORS:
     I rediscovered this in the beginning of March and it has been my travelling fragrance ever since and went everywhere with me in my hand-bag through out March. I love how long lasting it is on me and how fresh it smells. I'm not into fruity fragrance at all and I like how it's not very sweet smelling, has more of a strong element to it and I love my fragrances a little muskier.

2. Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara:
     This Mascara is love! It's the only one I used and loved loved throughout March. I love how it provides both volume and length in just one coat. it is the perfect pick me up for my lashes. You can see it doing its magic here.

3. The Balm Cosmetics - Hot Mama:
     It is what it is, Hot Mama! I'm in lovvvveeeeeee with this Blusher! It blends so flawlessly on the skin and gives just the right peachy gorgeousness to the cheeks with a subtle golden sheen. I can even apply it with no light source and it'll still look flawless. 

4. NYX - Dark Circle Concealer in Medium:
     As much as I kept my makeup minimum, I had to cover these dark dark under eye circles I have acquired thanks to insomnia. This concealer is more of a corrector than a concealer because it has a strong peach undertone that contracts the blue undertones of our dark circles and this stuff corrects my dark circles so well! I used it every time I used foundation.

5. Freeman Facial Polishing Mask- Charcoal & Black Sugar:
     This is hands down my favorite scrub for my face so far! I like how slightly warm it feels on the skin and that it's neither harsh nor too soft as an exfoliator/scrub. It even gets rid of the blackheads on the nose. I finally repurchased it and have been using and loving it in the previous month.

6. Crest White Deluxe - High Shine - Toothpaste:
     I've always been a little picky when it came to toothpastes. I stick to what I like and do not experiment but in March I gave Crest a go and now that's all I use. I can't really say if it has brighten my teeth but it has definitely cured the sensitivity to a great extent. I have sensitive gums and this isn't harsh on them. I'm not going back to my old or another toothpaste for a long time now.

7. LISTERINE Mouthwash - Fresh Burst:
     I started using it in the beginning of March and this is now my favorite thing to do in the mornings, nights and in between meals. I like how it's not harsh to my gums and although it's very strongly minty but I really like that in a mouth wash. 

I really like the combination of Crest Toothpaste with Listerine because the former has a very subtle taste of mint. Let me know what fragrances you like from Junaid Jamshed Perfumes and if you like sweet fragrances or muskier ones? 

What were your favorite products to use for the previous month? Would you like a detailed review on any of the above? Do let me know. (:

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Spring Detox & Skin Care Ideas | Guest Post |

Spring has always been the season when you can wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Some people like to enter this season with new clothes, others by cleaning their homes thoroughly, and me, I like to enter it with a clean and glowing skin. And who could blame me? Winter has always been terrible to my skin, and I suppose to you too. I cannot stand when my skin is dry, dull and damaged, so with the first blossoms of spring, I do a full blown skin detox and nourish my skin according to the season. Let me share some of my ideas with you.

Step 1: Eat Your Way to Clean Skin

This step will benefit not only your skin, but also your overall health. I do not know about you, but one more reason winter leaves my skin devastated during the winter is all the fatty and sugary holiday food. So, when spring arrives, I change my diet and drink more water (at least 8 glasses). Some of the best detox foods around are hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, tahini, citrus fruit, cabagge, beets, sesame, pomegranate… I found a lot of food inspirations at Dish For Diet health magazine.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Time to take off your skin’s “winter coat”. Now, it is important to remember that for a proper exfoliation you will need a wholesome scrub, not just for your face and neck, but also for lips, chest, arms, hands, legs and feet. If you feel too lazy for the good old honey+ sugar + oatmeal scrub, then you can buy shelve products or tone down the DIY part with simple baking soda + water recipe. No matter what your choice might be, it is important to rub that scrub in circular movements for several minutes.

Step 3: Steam

Put some distilled water on the stove, pour a couple of drops of essential oil (I prefer lavender but you can choose from a bunch of them), and leave to boil. After pour the water into a glass bowl, grab yourself a towel, place your head above the bowl, put the towel over your head and stay over steam for 7 to 10 minutes. Just rinse, and voila! Your skin is clean of the dead cells remaining after exfoliating and the dirt that was once trapped in your pores is gone.

Step 4: Moisturize

This is a major step that should never miss out on. Especially because one of the main reasons you are exfoliating is to help your skin absorb moisturizer and other skincare products. Now, the choice of moisturizer will depend on your skin type and the body part that is being treated. I have very sensitive skin (to say at the least) but I have discovered that Dermalogica skincare products suit my needs the best.

Face – Find the one (nighttime and daytime) that suits you the best, do not try anything new right after the scrub. Daytime moisturizer should have at least SPF30.

Body – It is enough to use simple body butter or even olive oil to retain the moisture.

Lips – Use balms rich in ingredients such as essential oils, jojoba, lanolin and vitamins.

Feet – Find a medicated feet cream designed to heal cracked heels, a lotion that matches your level of skin dryness or simply moisturize with petroleum oil. After, cover the feet with cotton socks and sleep on it.

Step 5: Establish a Healthy Skincare Routine

All of your efforts will worth nothing if you do not continue to take proper care of your skin. So, here is a little trick, after you establish your skincare routine, write it down, hang it on the bathroom wall, and arrange all of your products accordingly. It should go something like this (depending on your skin type): wash, cleanse, tone (apply a toner) and moisturize. Exfoliate once in two weeks.
Those were my skin detox and care tips: nothing too difficult, nothing too expensive, just a natural way to return your skin to its previous glory and make it smooth and gentle again. 

Hello Beautiful!

Peter Minkoff is a beauty & fashion editor for High Style Life magazine located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for few fashion events in Brisbane. Beside fashion & beauty, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics and traveling around tropical destinations. He plans to create a business for beauty & style advising.

It was a pleasure having Peter contribute his precious time and effort. I love how thorough and informative this post is and so helpful specially for this time of the year. Don't forget to follow his writings on the Hgh Style Life Magazine  I'll definitely be looking into detoxing my skin. What's your favorite way to detox your skin? 

If you want to guest post on my Blog, feel free to contact me at thegulezehrablog@gmail.com. I'd love to have you over.

Until next time, Good Luck & Ciao!