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e.l.f. Baked Highlighters - Blush Gems & Moonlight Pearls

Hello Beautiful!

I finally decided to brave my fever and flu and review the e.l.f. Baked Highlighters! I first came across e.l.f on one of my favorite Youtuber's channel. They are actually the first of the brands I started out with and with their extremely reasonable and inexpensive prices I just went all out when I first hauled them. You can check my first ever e.l.f haul here!
There are three highlighters or colors in the Baked Highlighter line. Moonlight Pearls, Blush Gems and Pink Diamonds. Moonlight Pearls is a white champagne color. Blush Gems is -hard to describe- a rose-gold champagne color with slight pink undertone to it. Pink Diamonds is a silvery pink color.
I have never really tried pink highlighters so I don't know if they will suit my skin. I am NC/NW 25 (yes I recently found out I have neutral undertones) so I got Moonlight Pearls and Blush Gems. Blush Gems is also know as a dupe for the famous MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle.

What Does e.l.f Says?

My Thoughts:

The Baked Highlighters come in a plastic packaging which is sturdy and very travel friendly. I know because I always travel with my Blush Gems. The lid clasps shut with a *click* which I feel very satisfied about. Also the lid is transparent so that you can see the product inside and has a black base with the product name and code stuck at the bottom.

Blush Gems and Moonlight Pearls

It is a baked product so can be used wet and dry. Although it looks a little glittery in the pan but it has no glitter whatsoever. In fact on the skin it has a nice glow and sheen to it with very fine shimmer that stays in place and not really fall out to make you look like a disco ball and that's exactly what I want from a highlighter!
The product is soft to touch with that 'baked' feeling to it (you know that rough kinda touch to it) but it swatches beautifully! Also the formula is so soft and blendable not to forget the awesome pigmentation! Be ready for an intense metallic finish if you use it wet! I don't have any visible pores so don't find this maximizing my pores or anything.

Blush Gems and Moonlight Pearls

Top: Moonlight Pearls. Bottom: Blush Gems

Blush Gems is a beautiful rose-gold champagne with pink undertones to it that will look amazing on medium fair to dark complexions.

Moonlight Pearls is a straight up gold champagne that will look beautiful on fair to medium fare skin. Although medium skin tones can still wear it as an inner corner highlight which looks very pretty!

I am so glad I tried these. Blush Gems is definitely my go-to highlighter and the highlighter I have traveled with the most! I will definitely repurchase it if I ever run out of it (which is near to impossible for the amount of product it has). Also Blush Gems is a very pretty blush topper too without it altering the blush color.

I rate these highlighters a 5 on 5! Super pigmented, soft, sheen, no glitter, build-able and blend-able! I'm in love with these <3

I feel only some products get a 5 on 5 from me, only those that I truly love and believe in!
Let me know if you have tried or own these and how do you find them? Also have you tried Pink Diamonds? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments <3

I got these from e.l.f's website for $3 (YES!!!). e.l.f doesn't ship to Pakistan but you can order them through Zensky (my favorite!)!

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!

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  1. OMG!, Those look so good and pigmented. Really nice review. I will buy these someday!

    1. The pigmentation is spot on! You must, you'll love them for sure <3

  2. Replies
    1. They sure do! (: Thank you Carol xo

  3. they're soooo pigmented!!! blush gems looks amazing! :D
    thanks for this review dear!

    JESSIE | Beauty Appetite

    1. Blush Gems is my favorite out of the two and the pigmentation really is great!
      Thank you Jessica xo

  4. I love moon light pearls, and the swatches are so beautiful.

  5. wowww i just love the swatches .. they look so pigmented .. thank you so much for sharing dear ♡♡

  6. Lovely swatches! Sooo pigmented! Enjoy your new ELF products! :D

  7. OMG what a colour they are so classy and shimmering­čśŹ

  8. hey nice review. they look so shiny :( i dnt think they ll go well with my complexion :(


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