Monday, 19 October 2015

Nail Of The Day - NOTD

Hello there (:

I remember I had a very bad habit of biting my nails as a kid and the only way I left it was when my Mum attracted me with all these beautiful colors of nail lacquers! Thought I'd share this with you :D
As bored as I am, down with a bad flu, I decided to use this recently bought nail lacquer from Color Studio Professional Pro Nail in Haute Couture and ended up decorating the accent nail with Pro Nail in Mojito and Eve.

After applying two coats of Pro Nails in Haute Couture, I made a few dots with a large dotting tool dipped in Pro Nails in Mojito. After it dried completely, which doesn't take much time, I made smaller dots with Pro Nail in Eve layering a few on top of the dots made with Mojito. I completed it by applying the Nail Care - Top Coat.

I like how smoothly this nail paint applies and the applicator gives maximum coverage so that you can complete the whole nail in a few swipes. It dries fast and two coats are enough to get the perfect opaque result. Color Studio Professional has a vast variety of beautiful shades!

I hope you like this very easy NOTD and share your favorite shades from The Color Studio in the comments (:

I got this from the Color Studio Kiosk at Dolmen Mall for Rs. 250. You can also get them online from They offer free shipping on orders over Rs. 1000.

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao! (:

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  1. The color is looking beautiful and the nail art is simple yet attractive. Nice post.

    1. The color sure is pretty(:
      Thank you so much Shumail <3

  2. cute nails, i love blue color and i like to make experiments by painting the nails in many ways :) your blog looks cute :) visit my blog if you want :) choose your language and check the notes :)


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