Monday, 19 September 2016

Bourjeon Potter's Patronus Pendant | Detailed Review |

Hello Beautiful!

So I love necklaces and ear-rings/studs the most when it comes to jewelry. I prefer watches over bracelets and other wrist accessories. Also I am very particular about accessorizing, it's either ear-studs or necklace that I'll wear at a time, if I'm wearing necklace then no ear-studs/rings and if an ear accessory then no necklace! I know I know, but I'm weird like that! Any of you who does the same? I can't be the only one XD

A while back I came across this accessory brand called BOURJEON on Instagram and boy oh boy! Their collection is amazing and this one particular piece just caught my eye and I knew I had to get it. The Potterhead in me couldn't pass up on it! It was this beautiful Potter's Patronus Pendant and so I placed an order right away. Here's my experience with Bourjeon and the necklace.

Order Placing and Packaging: The order placing process was quite smooth and the product was delivered to me the very next day which was pretty impressive. It was delivered in a box which ensured safe transit. The necklace itself was enclosed in a plastic wrap which was secured in this black velvet pouch. I love the over all packaging and that Bourjeon ensures a safe transition.

Potter's Patronus Pendant: The necklace itself is love at first sight! It's beautiful. I love the color of the rhinestone - Mint Green is one of my favorite color to wear. The quality is superb. The rhinestones, Mint Green and the tiny ones on the ears sets firmly. Oh and another thing that impressed me is that they included two spare rhinestones secured in a clear plastic wrap. These are the gestures that show a company's dedication towards providing their customers with the best.

The extra rhinestones.

This will look amazing paired up with almost every outfit, specially solid colors and even button-up shirts, with the chain hidden beneath the collar - that will look so cool if the shirt is in a neutral color!

Overall, my experience with BOURJEON has been great and I can't wait to place my next order!

Good news: You can now avail a discount of 10% on orders Rs.1500 or above with the code gulezehra10

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!

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