Monday, 15 August 2016

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Ibiza |Review & Swatches|

Hello Beautiful!

I have to say this right now, I love how these smell! But is there more to it? I have reviewed a shade Zurich in this line before, but does Ibiza hold the same impression for me? Read on to find out.

What NYX says:

My Thoughts:

Packaging: It comes in a plastic bottle with a black cap that has a matte finish. The color of the bottle represents the color of the actual product. It is quite sturdy and travel friendly and the cap screws shut nice and tight. It has a doe foot applicator which is soft on the lips. I don't find it scratchy. The name of the shade is mentioned at the bottom. 

Color: Described as a "deep rose pink", on my lips it truly is a deep and bright rose pink. I love to pair it up with otherwise minimal makeup.

Scent: As mentioned before, I love love how this smells. Like a sweet Vanilla icing -YUM!

Formula & Application: With all the Liquid Lipsticks pouring in from every cosmetic brand on this planet, the only reason I'm not really big on them is because how dry they feel on the lips! I absolutely hate that feeling but with these the experience is totally opposite.
The formula is creamy and mousse like and goes on quite smooth on my lips. I'd recommend exfoliating and moisturizing your lips prior to application anyway. Unlike Zurich, this one isn't patchy at all and the applicator applies it smooth and not streaky. 
It applies opaque on the first application but i like to go over it once again sometimes before it sets.
The product sets to a smooth matte on the lips without drying them. I like how light and moisturizing it is on the lips and doesn't transfer after it sets.

Lasting Power: The longest it wore on me was for 4 hours until it started fading from um where my lips touch. The good thing is that it doesn't crack or crumble. 

Overall I really like this formula and the color and for that it gets a 5 on 5!

I bought this from NYX website for $6. Unfortunately they don't ship to Pakistan but you can buy it from Zensky, Endulgence, Amor and several other Facebook pages selling authentic cosmetics. It is also available at Just4Girls and

I'd love to know your experience with these and if you have any favorite shades from this range.

Until next time, Good luck and Ciao!


  1. This shade is so beautiful, I couldn't resist purchasing. Looking beautiful on your lips.😃

  2. This shade is gorgeous! I'll have to give it a go xx

  3. Such a gorgeous vibrant shade. Loved your swatches!


  4. Wow, it sounds so good and the color is lovely. Great swatch!

    Chaste & Beautiful


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