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My Beauty Favorites of 2015 | EYES |

Hello Beautiful!

I'm a hundred-and-one percent sure that my love for eye makeup started because of all the hype around Urban Decay's Naked Palettes. I couldn't bring myself to splurge on the palettes at that time and so I got the Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes and then there was no looking back. Also YouTube and Instagram got me hooked to winged eyeliners!

My last post was a detailed one on the favorites in the category of Face, which you can read here. I shared My Beauty Favorites of 2015 in a separate post where I listed all the products in the category of Face, Eyes and Lips and since giving details on each product would've resulted in an extremely lengthy post. I decided to do a separate detailed post on each category.

Read on to find out which products I loved using in 2015 for my eye makeup.


1) Makeup Revolution London - Redemption Iconic Palette 1:
          This was the first palette that got me started on eye makeup. This is a dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 and what I used to create both Day Time and Night Time eye looks. The Gold shade in it (dupe of Half Baked) is my favorite and is such an intense and beautiful gold shade that is a foiled goodness if used with MAC Fix Plus or e.l.f Mist and Set. The shimmers and satin in the palette are absolutely gorgeous!

2) Too Faced - Chocolate Bar Palette:
          Oh My My My!!! If I had to chose one palette for the rest of my life, it would be this! Yes. This palette is so versatile and I could create day time, night time, neutral and dramatic looks with it. The pigmentation, the formula, the blend-ability is sooo on point and it smells of CHOCOLATE!!!! It's that delicious!! The mattes applies and blends so smoothly and the shimmers are incredible!! You can see it used in a tutorial here.

3) Morphe Brushes - Individual Eyeshadow - Caramelized:
          I have been on a hunt for a warm brown crease color for a long time and ever since this arrived in my mail I have been using it in every warm eye look I did! I even love using just this in my crease with mascara and I'm ready to go out.  It provides just the right amount of warmth and brown to the crease and blends like a dream. It's such a staple. You can see it in action here.

4) Morphe Brushes - Individual Eyeshadow - Creme Brule:
          This is more of a neutral toned brown if not a cool tone and it pairs up so well with caramelized. I have used this through out 2015 to darken the outer corner or buffing it in the outer corner and a bit in the crease before going in with black. You can see it on the outer corners here.

5) e.l.f Cosmetics - Mineral Eyeshadow Primer:
          The only primer I have used through out 2015 because it is that good! Really helps the eyeshadows pop more and stay longer without creasing. I do set it with a powder first as we do with all the other primers. This for it's price is definitely a steal. I used it under all my eye makeup look which you can view here.

6) Maybelline - Great Lash Mascara (Big):
          There is a reason it is a cult favorite! It's easy on the pocket and amazing on the lashes. My first mascara when I started out with makeup and I used it till its very last. I have naturally long lashes and this gave them just the right volume where it wasn't VA Va VOOM in your face thick but naturally thick. I love it for everyday look or a more natural makeup look. Also it's great for the bottom lashes.

7) Maybelline - Volum'Express The Rocket Mascara:
          I am hooked to this Mascara and that's why almost every look I did from July onward I had this mascara on my lashes. It provides both length and volume to my lashes and give it a voluminous look. I specially love it for my bottom lashes, there is something about the wand that makes it so easy to coat the bottom lashes. I love it so much that I recently decided to share it with my readers and did a giveaway just for this Mascara. It's amazingggg and a must have for sure! Read the review here.

8) L'oreal Paris - Telescopic Mascara:
          I opened it up just in time for all the weddings last year and oh my Gosh! I absolutely love it for the length it provides to my lashes!! I even used it on  Mehndi Bride in conjunction with Maybelline The Rocket. If you're looking for super lengthy lashes, this mascara will be your best friend. You can see the length it provides here.

9) L. A. Girl - Pro Concealer - Creamy Beige:
          This has been my favorite to conceal my under eye circles and also lightly highlight the under eye area and it's so light and creamy and doesn't feel heavy at all. Although I have to set it immediately to avoid creasing. I also use this on my eyes under eyeshadows and this works so well as a primer.

10) NYX - Jumbo Pencil - Milk:
          This is the perfect perfect pencil for the waterline to instantly brighten up the eyes. The formula is so creamy and pigmented and goes on so smoothly without having to go over again and again. It looks perfect with a heavy eye makeup. Also it makes the eyeshadows more vibrant and bright if used as a base. See it in action here.

  11) Rimmel - Exaggerate Eye Definer - In The Nude:
          For a more day time look, I love using this in my waterline. It is a nude color that cancels out the redness and gives my eyes a well rested and bright look. I love using it on it's own without any eyemakeup just to brighten my eyes. The formula is creamy and glides on smoothly.

12) Color Studio Professionals - Hypno Black Eye Pen:
          As much as I love my cake eye liners, this has been my companion in 2015. It is so so convenient to use specially when I am in a hurry. The pen is precise with which I could draw a thin line. Although it took me a little while to get my wings right with it but practice makes perfect right? This has been my go to eye liner through out 2015. I also used it on a bride I did. See the wing-eyeliner application with this here.

Sorry for the dirty brushes, I just used them. Goes to show I use these regularly.

1) e.l.f Cosmetics - All Over Eyeshadow Brush:
          I got this brush in an e.l.f set and it has become a staple in my brush collection. It picks up just the right amount of product and packs it on the lid effortlessly. This works great with powder shadows and pigments. It has never shed on me despite many washes.

2) Color Studio Professional - Blending Brush:
          This is more of a precise blending brush and I love love to blend the outer corner and precise-blend the crease with it. It's a great brush to pack the color and blend it at the same time! It has never shed on me despite multiple washes.

 3) Morphe Brushes - MB 23:
          This is the best blending brush I have ever used!!! I am so so impressed by the quality of Morphe Brushes. The bristles on it are so soft and it's perfect for blending the crease for that soft diffused look. It is a staple in my collection! Also it has never shed.

4) e.l.f Cosmetics - Blending Brush:
          Before I got the Morphe Brush, this was all I used for blending my shadows. Now I use it in conjunction with MB 23. I love to use my outer corners and crease with this. The bristles are soft and have never shed despite many washes.

5) Kryolan 
          I'm gonna do a whole review on this brush, I love it that much! This is the most inexpensive brush that I randomly picked from a store! I can draw the thinnest line with it and this gives me the PERFECT wing liner. I use it with my cake liners. Haven't really tried with Gel liners but now that I think of it, I'll try it. This has been my GO TO brush for wing eye-liner! 

Were any of these your favorites for 2105? If so let me know. Also if you want  a detailed review on any of them, let me know.

Don't forget to share your favorite products for eyes. A detailed post on Favorites of 2015 in Lips coming next!

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!


  1. Maybelline's mascara is my favourite... waiting for detailed reviews of kryolan brush... :)

    1. It gives so much volume and length! Stick around for the review <3

  2. Maybelline's mascara is my favorite... waiting for a detailed review of kryolan's brush... :)

  3. love to see your collection for this year
    Ramsha Hashmi


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