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Over A Cup Of Coffee... -With Rabiyah Tungekar!

Hello Beautiful!

First of all, a very Happy New Year to all of you! This is my first post of 20156 and I'm so excited to start with my favorite series on this blog! All the series are my favorite but "Over A Cup of Coffee" is special as I get to have a good time with others asking them about their interests and as it's a chance for all of us to know the person better. You can read more about this series here.

Over A Cup Of Coffee...

-With Rabiyah Tungekar!

For the third installment, I have the beautiful and extremely talented Rabiyah Tungekar! I'm so excited about this Q and A specially!

Rabiyah in her words:
A beauty enthusiast is what I will call myself after being a beauty blogger, a makeup artist and the admin of a beauty community of Pakistan. I'm an English Literature and Fine Arts Graduate. Fine Arts is where I came to know about colors of life & how to paint the emotions and colors on the canvas. That didn't go too long, but I still love to draw and paint. It moved on to face, in actual term "makeup", which I enjoy doing every day. It's something that makes me happy and I cannot be tired of. I love teaching, doing and writing about beauty & makeup. That's how I am into this beauty world.

Rabiyah is a multi talented beauty enthusiast who is beautiful herself inside and out. She is one of the very first Blogger who got me hooked to Blogs and then eventually makeup! She has also provided us with Pakistan Beauty Society, a platform for all the beauty and makeup lovers where we can share our knowledge and favorites and are given generous advises, suggestions and full support. If you are into beauty and makeup you have got to check out Pakistan Beauty Society and the amazing work Rabiyah is doing along with Maliha Rao.

So while the coffee is still steaming hot, let's start with this Q and A! ;)

Q1. How long have you been into makeup?

If the question is just about the love for makeup and using it, it's been almost 10 years. Professionally, since 4 years. It was the love for makeup which made me start the blog and then learn it professionally. 

Q2. How would you describe your style?

My style of doing makeup for myself is modern. I love deep bright pouts and mostly deep eyes too. I don't experiment with fun colors. As for my professional makeup, I prefer traditional more than modern but then it depends on what I'm asked to do.

Q3. When did you know a career in beauty was for you?

From the day my love for beauty and makeup started, I knew I wanted to have a career in beauty. The love started from early teens, but in 2010 I knew I wanted to do something in it. Initially started out with spreading the knowledge I had about beauty in words and later with brushes.

Q4. What are the best aspects of running your own blog? What are the hardest aspects?

The best aspects of running a personal blog are, you have no deadlines to reach unless it's some campaign. You can share your personal experience/knowledge & the whole platform is all about you. Hardest aspects for me is to keep up with the expectations of your readers. You can't just lay back, just because it's a personal blog. If someone loves reading your blog, you need to provide them quality & helpful content.

Q5. Who is your makeup inspiration?

There are so many, but I will name our Pakistani talented ladies; starting from Nabilas, Bina Khan and Natasha. Nabila's with minimal makeup brings out your features.

Q6. What's your daily makeup routine?

My daily makeup routine consists of a few mandatory products; concealer, foundation powder, eyebrow powder, blush, lipstick or lip tints, kohl or mascara, or sometimes both. It depends how I want to make my eyes look.

Q7. What are your favorite Fall/Winter 2016 beauty trends?

Fall/Winter being my favorite season, my favorite trend is the deep burgundy or berry pout with glowy clean face, with earthy toned eyes.

Q8. What beauty products can you not live without?

Concealer and blush these days.

Q9. Do you prefer drugstore or high-end makeup brands?

I prefer a mixture of both, but mostly drugstore. I only invest in very limited high end products like foundations and compact powders.

Q10. What are your favorite places to shop?

Naheed Super market is my ONLY go to shop from where I shop makeup and other things. It's like my second home.

Q11. Five products your makeup kit would never be without?

Concealer, Foundation, Powder, Lipstick, Blush and Kajal Pencil.

Q12. What should brides look for when selecting the right makeup artist?

The only thing they should look for is how they want to look like on their big day. No matter how many people you ask, everyone has different taste & experience. Each person is different and so is the liking. Another thing to look for in an artist is the behaviour. Always go to that artist who will make you feel comfortable, will listen to you and give you the exact look you want.

Q13. What products should all brides have handy for touch-ups on the big day?

Normally a bride doesn't need touch ups. Makeup sets with time, and if one keeps touching up the face makes it look even more cakey. The bride should be carefree on her day, not caring about the makeup, but to feel the moment which is for a few hours. If a bride has natural lines, she should carry a small damp sponge with foundation on it. She can ask someone to dab it on the fine lines if she thinks they are too prominent. Apart from that, nothing really.

Q14. What is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day/work look into something that works for night out?

You need only two products for that, Kohl for waterline for intense look and a dark lip color.

Q15. Share your story about Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community to Pakistan Beauty Society.

PBBC was started to bring all the Pakistani beauty bloggers in Pakistan and around the globe under one roof. To promote them & to mentor them. The name has changed now, to focus now on everything beauty and not limiting it to just bloggers. Which means, now we have salons, makeup artist etc. We had to change the name, because most girls who joined the group thought it's for bloggers only. Journey from PBBC to PBS was amazing because of the best people around, who actually respect what we are doing.

Q16. How is Pakistan Beauty Society helping the bloggers and non-bloggers?

Pakistan Beauty Society is a platform where we promote everything that is linked to Beauty. From Beauty bloggers to Beauty pages & makeup artists. It's not restricted to bloggers anymore. It is a platform, where every girl is eager to help each other with their personal experience. Anyone with a beauty query post it on the group & others are willing to help immediately.

Q17. Do you have any new plans for Bloggers?

With the entire new name, there are a lot of things planned for Bloggers & non-bloggers as well. At the moment, we are working on it & are taking baby steps to plan out a lot of things which we cannot reveal at the moment. Trust me, it's going to be one of the best platforms and community for Beauty.

Q18. How can a Blogger register with PBS and what are the benefits offered to them?

There is a form on the page and soon will be on the new blog, where an active blogger with good content can fill the form and be on the list of PBS. Benefits for PBS bloggers are: getting listed on top PR companies, getting PR samples, getting invited to the best events & much more in the future. We at PBS give out the names of the bloggers, according to the criteria of the brand/PR company. The better the blogger works on their blog, the better chances of being on the best list.

Q19. Any advice for new Bloggers?

This is what I always say this to my self & anyone who ask a suggestion, if they are starting a new blog "Be yourself, do what you are best at, keep it original, keep it simple, be innovative, don't go over board & let your writing describe you." Keep the blog page very crisp & clean, keep the content original, to the point & with the details it need. Take good pictures, preferably in day light. Most importantly, don't write about EVERYTHING. Focus more on what you are good at. Give time to what you write, to post a quality content, something your readers would love to read. Be passionate about it & never copy.

Q20. Where can my readers follow you?

Your readers can follow me on my different social media.
Instagram: @rabeeyaht

So that was Rabiyah Tungekar for you! I am so glad I got a chance to have this Q and A with her!! I am sure you'll enjoy reading her answers as much as I did. She is really a sweetheart! You must visit her blog, to check out the in-depth reviews and learn everything there is to learn about the new and old products! Also make sure you are following Pakistan Beauty Society. I have learned a lot from that platform and so will you.

Don't forget to leave your valued feedback and comments. Make sure you are following me for more in this series and if there is anyone you want me to interview, let me know. I'll do my best to reach them, Also leave any questions you have. That's all in this installment. I'll be back with more personalities and interesting and informative answers. Happy New Year again!!

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!

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  1. You're too sweet, Gul-e-Zehra! I'm glad I'm one of the blogger who hooked you to blogging & makeup, in which you are doing amazing job.
    Thank you for featuring me on your blog. It was a pleasure asking all your interesting and fun questions.

    Lot's of love and good wishes for you. x

    1. It is an honor for me to do a post regarding you Rabiyah <3 Thank you for what you do and being such a great help to all of us (: You're amazing inside and out. Loved reading your answers!! <3

  2. Fantastic questions and fantastic answers . It actually felt like k ap dono espresso per free cookie check in k sath gup laga rahi hein . Really enjoyed it

    1. Thank you soooo much for such a sweet comment! Hahah free cookie? Now i want one! :D

  3. Enjoyed every bit of this interview. Thanks Rabeeyah for the sound advices. and Thanks Gul for sharing! x

    1. Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed this (:

  4. She's such an inspiration!
    Will keep her advises in mind :)

    JESSIE // Beauty Appetite

    1. She is for sure! (:
      Thank you so much <3

  5. Rabiyah is one amazing beauty blogger and very cool and calm as a person. Loved reading her interview.

    1. I love her personality, we all do in fact! Thank you Nyda <3

  6. It was wonderful learning more about Rabiyah. Great post!

    Chaste & Beautiful


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