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Morphe Brushes Individual Eyeshadows - Caramelized, Creme Brule, B.A.M & I Got The Blues

Hello Beautiful!

Morphe Brushes are all the hype these days! From their individual eye shadow pans to the eyeshadow palettes and makeup tools! Their 35O Palette is all the rage now that gets out of stock as soon as it comes and that only makes people want it more!  Also Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Morphe recently for a Limited Edition Palette consisting of her favorites. So to try this brand I got their Individual Eyeshadow Pans and Makeup Brushes (which you can see here). I had enough time to put the eyeshadows to test and use them and finally I'm ready to present a thorough review. I'll review the brushes in a separate post.

The Individual Eyeshadows have 80 colors that range from neutrals to bold and vibrant colors and from mattes to satin and shimmers. A Z-palette can be bought separately to make a custom palette. Out of all the colors I got two nude brown shades and two vibrant colors.

The Packaging:
Each pan is enclosed in a black card envelope with a little cushion ring inside to provide more grip and safety to the eyeshadow pan. I have yet to buy a Z-Palette but the pans are safe in the envelope. I have traveled with them too. It is a hassle of course, without the Z-Palette where you just open the lid and all the eyeshadows are displayed, ready to be used but in terms of its envelope packaging, it's pretty safe.

Caramelized ES15: (Matte)

Caramelized is a pretty warm brown color. It is my Holy Grail Crease/Transition color! I have been looking for a warm brown that'll pair up with almost all warm eye looks and this is what I'm in love with. It's definitely my most used eyeshadow.
The formula is smooth, blends like a dream and has incredible pigmentation. Also, the color is buildable. I have used this as a crease color in all these makeup looks : EOTDMOTDMOTD1

Creme Brule ES63: (Matte)

Creme Brule is a cool-toned brown, almost a grey brown color. It pairs up beautifully with Caramelized. I mostly use it on the outer corners of my eyes but it also looks great all over the lid blended with Caramelized in the crease for the subtle brown smokey eye. The eyeshadow itself is soft and buttery and blends beautifully. The pigmentation is great and it's buildable. It also is great for smoking out the lower lash line. You can see it used here and here

B.A.M ES41: (Matte)

Described as a Teal, it is a pretty vibrant sea green color which looks beautiful layered over a white, blue and green base. The formula is soft, not at all chalky or patchy and it blends beautifully. Also the pigmentation is ah-mazing and the color is buildable. I have mostly used it layered over a sea green eyeliner for a pop of color as you can see here.

I Got The Blues ES44: (Matte)

A deep royal blue with a matte finish. This shade looks beautiful and deeper on a black base. The swatch here looks a tad brighter than the actual color. It's a beautiful color for a blue smokey eye or a pop of color on a more neutral eye look specially smudged on the lower lash line. The pigmentation is great although this color needs some building up to reach that full opaqueness and intensity, otherwise the formula is buttery and blends smoothly.

You should read my Morphe Brushes Haul post (here) for how I got it because Morphe Brushes do not ship to Pakistan unfortunately. These are priced at $2.29 a pop which is a steal for the smooth pigmented blend-able formula! I love love the quality of these and would definitely be getting more! I'm keen on trying the satin and shimmery shades now because I'm impressed with the mattes and I'm so tempted to get the bright colorful eyeshadow palette that they just came out with! It's the 12P Picasso Palette and it's so vibrant; oh and not to forget the 35O Palette! It's hyped for a reason, a treat for warm tone lovers! Well, here are more swatches for Caramelized, Creme brule, B.A.M and I Got The Blues.

I have nothing bad to say about these, right from the packaging, the pricing to the quality and pigmentation -it's amazing! Just that I wish they shipped worldwide! So, it's definitely a 5 on a 5 for these from me.
So have you tried any of the Morphe Eyeshadows either these pans or the palettes? Let me know if you like them and if you have any recommendations for me, i'd love to know your thoughts on them. Also if you want me to review anything from my hauls (which you can see here) please let me know and I'd love to oblige (:

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!

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  1. Wow these are so intensely pigmented and so worth the money. Loving B.A.M and I got the blues. Nice review

    1. The pigmentation is sooo point on these and for the price they are a steal!!

  2. Yay! Someone like me :D I bought I Got the Blues on a whim and it's just breathtaking. I plan to get more shades so I am really glad you gave me some options. How is BAM without a similar base? If you love a warm transition check out Coastal Scents Oatmeal Tan. They are also super cheap singles (Hot Pots)


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