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Over A Cup Of Coffee... -With Maliha Rao!

Hello Beautiful!

I am super excited to do the second installment in this series and this time we have the beautiful Maliha Rao with us! 
If you don't already know, Over A Cup Of Coffee is a new series I have recently started on my blog where I get to interview or do a Q and A session with different personalities. People we can relate to or learn from. You can read more about it here.

Over A Cup Of Coffee... 

- With Maliha Rao!

I was able to do a Q and A session or informal interview (if you may) with the beautiful Maliha Rao from www.REDALICERAO.com

Maliha in her words:
A creative Brand Consultant and a passionate Blogger. Super curious, eccentric, obsessed with Red, crazy about everything Japanese. A Closet Geek and bitten by Wanderlust.

Maliha is a very talented and sweet lady with a cheerful persona. Working along side Rabiyah, she has provided Pakistan Beauty Society (then: Pakistan Beauty Bloggers Community) as a platform to all us beauty lovers and her efforts are commendable! Her blog is not just full of in-depth reviews but also with informative and interesting posts on travel, fashion and more. Her photography on the blog is so on point! So while the coffee is still steaming hot, let's just start with this Q and A (:

Q1. How long have you been into beauty and fashion industry?

Over a decade (: I have been working in the field before I even started blogging.

Q2. How would you describe your style?

Versatile, because I don't like sticking to just one plain look. Comfort is very important though in whatever I wear.

Q3. When did you know a career in beauty and fashion was for you?

When I got my first copy of Seventeen Magazine as a teenager from Sunday Market!

Q4. What are the best aspects of running your own blog? What are the hardest aspects?

My blog is where I got to blurb and express myself so it's always fun. 
The hardest aspect is to make sure it's frequent and exciting. I don't want to bore my readers, ever.

Q5. Who is your makeup and fashion inspiration?

I don't think ANYONE can have one but I can definitely say it's NOT any of the Kardashians and Jenners ;)

Q6. What's your daily makeup routine?

It depends on my meeting and routine. If it's a more casual thing then BB cream is good enough along with liner and lipstick. If I plan to go somewhere for a meeting I dress up the makeup with a bit more blush, mascara and light face powder.

Q7. What are your favorite Fall/Winter 2015 beauty trend?

Dark Lips!

Q8. What beauty products can you not live without?

Lipsticks and Eyeliners.

Q9. What are you favorite places to shop?

Everywhere I can get a chance to shop is good enough!

Q10. Share your story about Pakistan Beauty Bloggers Community to Pakistan Beauty Society?

Wanted to evolve into a community that is bigger and better and involved more than just Beauty Bloggers even though they will be the main highlight. I and Rabiyah want a community which not only promotes and mentors the Beauty Bloggers but also spread awareness of other beauty related things in Pakistan like brands, Freelance MUAs, Salons etc.

Q11. How is Pakistan Beauty Society helping the bloggers and non-bloggers?

I think I mentioned it already in the last one. Beauty Bloggers will not only get highlighted in PBS but as we are working closely big brands and we recommend them, they will be mentored to improve themselves and many other activities planned so stay tuned you will love it.

Q12. Do you have any new plan for Bloggers?

PBS is a new plan :)

Q13. How can a blogger register with PBS and what are the benefits offered to them?

Go to the Facebook page and the pinned post has a new form which you can fill.

Q14. Who were your favorite designers of 2015 ?

I don't have one.

Q15. What trends and colors do you see in Bridal wear for this Fall/Winter?

Teal blue, powder pink, rust orange and lots of jewel tones.

Q16. Any advice for the new bloggers, particularly fashion bloggers?

For all bloggers: Be honest and frequent with content, don't run after freebies and be patient. 

Q17. Where can my readers follow you?

Blog Link: www.redalicerao.com
Facebook Link: www.facebook.com/RedAliceRao
Twitter Link: www.twitter.com/RedAliceRao
Instagram Link: www.instagram.com/redalicerao

So that's Maliha Rao for you. I am so glad I got a chance to have this Q and A with her and to get to know her better. Make sure you visit her blog and see her wonderful posts. I'm sure you'll enjoy each one of them. Also if you're a blogger make sure you're following the Pakistan Beauty Society. I personally have learned a lot from that platform and I promise, you will too.

Don't forget to visit her blog and tell her if you enjoyed this Q and A and also remember to leave your valued comments and feedback down in the comment section. Make sure you're following my blog to see more in this series and if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments area.

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao!

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