Monday, 10 August 2015

ColorPop Lippie Stix - Lumiere

Hello there (:
I first came across ColourPop on Kathleen Light's Youtube channel and I was so amazed by the pigmentation and was really tempted when she described the texture of the eyeshadows. Although I feel I'm a blusher and lipstick kinda gal but I have been getting into eyeshadows lately.
What made me place the order with ColourPop immediately was when they collaborated with Kathleen for this Lippie Stix. I was like YASSSS!! I also got one of their shadows for I wanted to see the texture, but I'll talk about that in a later post.
Coming to Lippie Stix, it looked absolutely gorgeous on Kathleen but I wasn't sure how it would come out on me since we both have different skin tones, she's fairer, but I went ahead and placed an order for it anyway because well Katheen made it (ColourPop made it possible) -reason enough. I'm NC 25-30. I'll add in her picture with Lumiere here for reference.

What ColourPop says?

The swatch on the website.
My Thoughts:
I really like the packaging, it's white which looks really clean and nice. The shade is mentioned on the box right next to where Lippie Stix is printed. The Lipstick is more like a marker and the packaging again is white. The lipstick has a slant surface for a better application and twists up and down. The shade of the lipstick is mentioned on the bottom. It's travel friendly because the packaging is nice and sturdy and the cap clasps shut well with that *click*.

Lumiere is a mauvy nude color which on my lips is definitely a mauve. It's different on my lips than it is on Kathleen's but again I had an idea because obviously it's different for everybody according to their lips' pigmentation and skin tone. I really really really like the formula! It's matte but not drying at all! It's more like a creamy matte, very comfortable on the lips. The pigmentation is incredible.

I first tried it on my lips prior to exfoliation and it did not really emphasis the dry areas but on exfoliated lips, it goes on so smoothly so I advise exfoliating your lips. It's matte, although a creamy matte but matte nonetheless, so exfoliating prior to application is a good idea.
I specially love it on days when I just throw on mascara and blusher for my makeup, it looks beautiful on the lips. It also pairs well with dramatic eyes. I'm so happy I got it and so happy for Kathleen who created this beautiful this color!

My Natural Lips

Lumiere Applied

Lumiere Applied

Wrist Swatch

I'll rate Lumiere a 5/5 for the amazing pigmentation, soft and buttery formula and for the reasonable price!
I ordered it through a Facebook page Berries for Rs. 950 where as it's available on the website for $5 but it does not deliver to Pakistan unfortunately.

I really like the shades Cookie, Frenchie and Frida and looking forward to order more from ColourPop soon, not that they're liquid lipsticks are out, I'm so tempted!! :D
What's your favorite color of Lippie Stix? Don't forget to leave comments below, I'd love to hear from you (:

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao! (:

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  1. beautiful lip swatches Gul ! Loved the color ...i already have Frida and Fancy and I love the formula . Your swatches make me wanna get Lumiere now !

    1. Thank you Sherry K so much (: I really like the creamy matte formula of these, have you reviewed Frida? Would love to see your swatches (:

  2. Love the swatch n MA gorgeous lips .. Lovely Review dear ♡♡

  3. Looks really pretty :) I wanted this but then I passed for some reason -Sadaf

    1. Thank you (: You must get this, it's so pretty! specially for the Fall this year!

  4. Loved the review thanks for sharing hun!

  5. Never heard of the brand before. The shade is really nice. Now I need to check where I can get it from. Thanks for sharing!


    1. This brand is amazing! I urge you to check out right now! You'll fall in love! Also, you can order these from the and also use the code GULZEN75 for free shipping*

      *Check out the Offer & Promotion section on my blog's sidebar.
      Hope this helps! <3

  6. I love this shade and the lip swatches they are gorgeous Im not really good at lip swatches like you :)

    1. Aww sure you are good at them!! <3 Thank you so much sweetheart xo


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