Sunday, 30 August 2015

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Zurich

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I got this along with some other products from NYX that I haul, I'll share the complete haul in an later post. Since out of all products I started using this first and have been using it more than the others I decided to finally review it.
There are a total of 21 shades in the Soft Matte Lip Cream line and they are all gorgeous!

I got 3 shades out of these and I'm gonna review and share swatches with you for Zurich.

What does NYX says?

I decided I'll mention the ingredients too.

My Thoughts:
These Lip Creams come in a plastic bottle with a smooth matte (I love how it feels) black cap and has a doe-foot applicator. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly as the plastic is not that squeezy type but hard and sturdy. The shade is mentioned on the bottom of the bottle.

Zurich is a pretty peachy nude color. The formula definitely is buttery soft that dries down to a matte that is not drying on the lips, I find it a comfortable matte to wear but it doesn't go on smoothly, at least on my lips. The pigmentation is good but I'm honestly just meh about it wearing this on its own because I need to apply at east two coats to make it smooth and opaque. I tend to smooth it out with the pad of my ring finger because I feel the applicator makes it streaky. Am I being to critical? Well maybe but that's just how I feel with this particular color. I advise you to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying it because it tends to dry and look patchy and flaky if I apply it to my lips when they're dry and not exfoliated.

I really really like the color, I just do not like how it applies on my lips with the applicator. Also when I apply more than one coat in an attempt to smooth it and get the right pigmentation it dries down and look a little patchy.
I like to pair it with dramatic eyes and when I'm not wearing any makeup I smooth it down on my lips lightly with my finger, that gives a healthy look to my lips. Another way I have been wearing it a lot lately is to combine it with my Maybelline Coffee Craze. I'll share this combination too after reviewing and swatching Maybelline Coffee Craze.

Do you see that patchy-crusty area in the inner rim of my lips?

Well that was it on Zurich, I really like the color, I love to mix it in with my other lipsticks but not a fan of how it applies with the applicator and how it looks on my lips.
I hope this was helpful for you.

I'll rate Zurich a 3.5 on 5.

I got this for $6 from the NYX website. NYX does not deliver to Pakistan though.

Let me know how you find Zurich if you own one. I would love to read from you (:

Until next time, Good Luck and Ciao! (:


  1. OMG i loveee this shade n MA u have gorgeous lips ♡♡

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